The history of humanity is the story of a journey. A journey in search of a reality that has almost always been beyond. And in this endless journey that the human being keep on walking, signals have been essential. Throughout all these ages up till now, navigators and travelers have searched the sky for a sign of the right path. Along the years they asked their compasses and their maps for a course that would take them to their chosen destination. North is more than a cardinal point and much more than a simple word. It is the certainty of not being lost, the hope of achieving a goal, the security of being able to go back home. North is a photographic series that is inspired by that journey in which we all are immersed. It is also a return to the era of the camera obscura, sorcerers and expeditions to unknown places. It is a series built from a pinhole camera, a photometer and a compass, which also aims to be the reflection of the journey made by any photographer.

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