For nearly five years, from September 2010 to April 2015, I visited Barayo (Asturias) on several occasions to complete a portfolio that would reflect my experience in a place that I already knew and photographed from some time ago. It is no accident that I chose this small Nature Reserve, neither are many of the decisions we make in life. Nor was the choice of black & white film. A return to classic photography to undertake my most recent project: trying to perceive what once I was not able to see. The challenge was not filling this series with just attractive and evocative images; the real challenge was to reflect a feeling that exceeds the photographic medium itself with a few photographs. I am aware of it and the subjective of any effort of this kind. For this reason, it is not a project about Barayo, it is about the immersion of a photographer within the landscape to be captured and how to visually solve this challenge, how to reflect through a handful of images a concrete experience that is multi-dimensional and multi-sensorial.

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